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About Us

Your sleep style is Bellabed

We created Bellabed with a simple mission: To Deliver a Better Night's Sleep.

Our Story:

The experts at Bellabed have over 50 years combined experience in the mattress industry. Our goal was to help people sleep better and provide a first class customer experience.

Nerd Alert:

We don’t just sleep on mattresses; we are a family of mattress nerds. We’re continuously analyzing data, review customer feedback and work along side a team of engineers to deliver a better night’s sleep.

Why Bella:

Bella is related to the Latin word for Beauty. When you need some much needed beauty sleep, Bellabed is there for you – every night.


Bellabed uses quality products made entirely in the United States and specifically handmade for your comfort.

Our skilled team of craftsmen and suppliers assemble every mattress by hand according to the highest standards.
You can rest assured every corner is intuitively designed to deliver a better nights sleep. Spotlight unique mattress materials made in United States and specific City, State information.

Made in the United States

We’re proud to support American manufacturing by crafting our mattress in the United States.

From our knit cover to the box we ship the mattress in, we strive to use components made in USA

Our Cover

Premium knit cover hand-crafted in North Carolina.

Memory Foam

Our memory foam gives you a customized sleep experience and contours to the shape of your body and is made in Mississippi.

Our Latex

Our latex is designed to offer a contoured feel and proudly made in the state of Georgia.